Self Storage

How can STORALL Self Storage help you

One of the biggest advantages of our self-storage facilities is their flexibility, with different solutions and services to best fit your needs.

If you’re like many of us, all of your stuff doesn’t fit into your home or office. Whether you’re drowning in clothes, books, files or memorabilia, self-storage lets you keep your belongings without sacrificing the roominess of your home or office.

With self-storage, you rent space, typically on a monthly basis, to stash your property. Unlike full-service storage facilities, where you have limited access to your property and someone else figures out how to store your items, self-storage units give you full control over what is in your unit and how items are arranged.

Our documentation is also kept relatively simple and straightforward thus avoiding the need for lengthy and complicated legal documents which require hours of study to understand! All we ask is that our clients deal with us in the same good faith as we assume everyone to observe.

Our facility is not a typical industrial warehouse and therefore cannot accept the storage of dangerous goods class 1 to 9 (i.e. Explosive, Gases, Flammable Liquid, Flammable Solid, Oxidizing Agents & Organic Peroxides, Toxic and Infectious substances, Radioactive Substances, Corrosive substances, and Misc. Dangerous substances). In addition to this, perishable items of neither any description nor liquids that can potentially leak and cause damage to not only your valuables, but others’ as well, are not allowed.

Home storage

Home storage accounts for a large majority of Self Storage users' requirements. All of us collect knicks & knacks over the years and every household probably has carton loads of material that is using up valuable space in the garage or store-room.

Most of the time, we associate memories and events to our belongings and are hesitant to simply throw them way!

Here is where STORALL's Self Storage comes into its own. For a relatively low fee, you can now have your own 'attic away from home' which is clean, secure, climate controlled (or not, your choice) and accessible 7 days a week. Only you and your imaginative use of the space is the limitation here.

Storage for Business

When is the last time you looked around your office and thought “what am I going to do with all this paper?”

In many businesses, simply throwing away documents is not an option. Over time, the accumulation of papers, files, dormant equipment and other materials becomes a serious issue. You may even want to keep some office furniture until that expansion area has been completed!

With STORALL® Self Storage, this problem is swiftly and efficiently taken care of.

You alone have the secure and private access to your room and for a small fee, can effectively label, box and store your important files, dossiers and/or other legally important documents.