Hint & Tips

Some Self Storage Tips

Follow some simple rules to better preserve your valuables

  • Make sure boxes are full, otherwise they may collapse when stacked.
  • Number and Label all boxes (materials available on sale at reception area) that way you will be able to locate what you need at a glance.
  • Our storage rooms are kept clean and ventilated; however you might want to protect mattresses, sofas and beds with soft cloth.
  • To save space, turn tables upside down and use the area for stacking. Protect the surface of your tables with bubble wrap (available for sale).
  • Try and maintain a passageway between your stored items to have full access to all your possessions.
  • A small space left between your possessions and the walls will allow for free circulation of air and better ventilation.
  • Place items that may be removed earlier than others closer to the door so that they are accessible faster.
  • We recommend that important documents be collected in one box so that they are easily accessible.
  • To maintain a pristine condition of your valuable possessions, cover them with a dust sheet.
  • Never hesitate to ask our staff for any advice or product availability which can help make your self storage experience even better!